Suzanne, a young French woman sent by the Oeuvre d'Orient association, spent one month during the summer of 2017 with the children who attend the Saint Rachel Center in Jerusalem.


I was sent on a one-month long mission to the children of the Saint Rachel Center in Jerusalem. These are children from Christian migrant families, who attend the Center every day, allowing their parents to work, sure that their children are safe.

Integrated into a very international team, employees and volunteers, I met children of diverse origins (Filipinos, Eritreans, Sudanese, Ethiopians ...) and quickly memorized a few words of Hebrew, allowing me to make myself understood among the group of the youngest (3 months to 3 years). Many languages are spoken at the Saint Rachel Center, but above all that of joy and the children are the most skillful practitioners.

I was happy to be quickly integrated into a team concerned to promote the growth of the children, both in the knowledge of how to be and the knowledge of how to do, beyond simple daycare. The team, led by its director Ainsley, quickly gave me the organizational benchmarks and trusted me, allowing me to be comfortable and effectively help.

I could experience the joy of prayers and meals shared with the small community of the Kehila, around Father David, and enjoy the beautiful and holy city of Jerusalem and its thousand cultural, religious and historical riches. I take away memories of so many beautiful encounters, smiles of children engraved on my heart, the souvenir of this very special city, and the great joy of sharing my faith with these members of the Church in the Middle East.