The first copies of the latest book by Father Michel Remaud, "Echoes of Israel" (in French) are available in Israel.


Father Michel Remaud, Director of the Albert Decoutray Institute, Christian Institute of Jewish Studies and Hebrew Literature, and a long time member of the Jerusalem kehilla, has published his latest book (in French): "Echoes of Israel: Reflections of a Christian of Jerusalem" (Jerusalem: Editions Elkana, 2010).

The 21 articles collected in this new work range from daily commentaries on life in Israel to exegetical comments on the New Testament and Rabbinic literature. Father Patrick Desbois wrote the introduction in which he says: "May this little book, whether it causes us to rejoice or causes us irritation, be a source of questions and a renewed understanding of the mystery of God, the mystery of the Jewish people and the mystery of the Church."

Father Michel Remaud was awarded the annual prize of the Amitié judéo-chrétienne of France on October 20, 2010.