Maria, from the Jaffa kehilla, travelled with her husband and her son to Milan and jotted down some thoughts about the experience there.


The trip was magical – it was incredible to see there a community so united, well organized, tranquil, delicate, pleasant, good hearted, polite, stable, accessible, generous, patient, tolerant, caring, accepting, understanding, not judgmental, supportive, humane, close and well formed. I have no words in order to express my thanks for this precious opportunity to experience such a level of warmth and consideration, a living example of the love of God for us through them.

At any given moment, there was concern for us and we were asked how we were doing, we were helped and accompanied. Personally, I was very moved by the small parish community of Mambre. There I was able to palpably sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. Those present were as one body, in harmony with the Creator and with one another.

More than anyone else, I was profoundly touched by the wonderful couple, Silvano and Daniela, who hosted us in their home in the most loving manner that anyone might hope for. It was very important for me to be exposed to this caring attitude on the part of Silvano.

Of course, the historical importance of the place, the architecture, the views, the beauty, the gardens, the song of the birds, the pleasant atmosphere all contributed much to an experience of "being at peace" with Our Lord. The city is simply breathtaking with its incredible variety of churches.