Marian from Beer Sheva Parish reports

On Thursday 04.01, we met - about 30 women Jewish, Muslim and Christian. I was actually the only representative of Christian women ("salt of the earth" as Jesus said), but with a great hope that the others will join us. The meeting took place on a farm called Project Wadi Attir that is an agricultural project connecting traditional Bedouin experience with modern technology. We spent the entire morning talking about the status of a woman in the three religions. The focus was mainly on how each religion relates to women on matters like: marriage and divorce, inheritance, social freedom, freedom to work or to study. Each side quoted texts from the religious sources that are related to these issues and interpreted them. I presented the Christian point of view, according to which the women were and continue to be equal partners in everything (except for the priestly ordination): Mary is a very important figure as the mother of Jesus Christ. There is examples in NT of the women that were serving Jesus Christ of their own work and money, but first of all being His disciples. We hope that the meetings for women will attract more participants especially from our parish.