Мириам из хайфской общины написала новую песню к Адвенту. Спасибо ей за музыкальное сопровождение этого благословенного времени. Песня посвящена ожиданию прихода Господа. И Он придёт, в любви и благодати, войдя в каждое сердце. И тьма станет Светом.

miriam song advent

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The words of the song “He will come”:

In Advent, day and night
We await the promise of God
Patiently, from the darkness until the crack of dawn
Until we will be with the light of tomorrow.

He will come clothed in love and grace
God with us, he is Immanuel
He will come, with tenderness into every heart
Bringing us into a new world
Bringing us into a new world.

We do not know when he will come
When the darkness will become light
Therefore we wait until he emerges
Until the light becomes day.

John raised his voice in the wilderness
To bring back the lost to the straight path
He called out to admit to their sins
And he baptized them in the Jordan.

Who are you? They asked John
He said I baptize in water the lost
But prepare for the coming of the one
Who will baptize in the one Spirit.

The angel Gabriel was sent to Mary
Engaged to Joseph in Nazareth
“Behold you will conceive and bear a son
And you will call his name Immanuel”.