Brother Alberto from the Jaffa kehilla sent us a report on the two days, December 26 and 27, that our group of young people, “Desert Flower” spent in Haifa.

The youth group of the kehillot, "Desert Flower", is in Haifa for two days, December 26 and 27, exploiting the Hannuka break, in order to celebrate Christmas together and renew friendship. Elena, from the Haifa kehilla, sent us a report of an evening spent together in the kehilla house.

The youth group met in Jaffa and its members continued their journey together. D. has sent us a report.

A report from Daniele on the meeting of the youth group that took place in Tabgha from October 6 to 8, 2011.

The group of young people who travelled to Madrid, together with a few new faces and the two faithful accompaniers, met over the Yom Kippur weekend in Tabgha, on the Sea of Galilee, for a weekend of prayer, friendship and activity.

Daniele, from the youth group writes to us about a meeting that took place after the return of the group from Madrid.

We received a short video clip in Italian in which Benny, one of the accompaniers, describes who the young people from our communities participating in the World Youth Day in Madrid are.

Monday night, August 22, 2011, our young people returned home from Madrid, radiant and full of stories.

Dima sent us a report after the final day of the meeting in Madrid.

Kirill writes about Saturday, the day before the concluding mass with the Holy Father.

This time, Dima writes his impressions in Madrid.

Reports to continue to flow in from our young people and now a description of the arrival of the Pope on Thursday, August 18, thanks to Kirill.

Our young people have sent a report on their second day in Madrid.

Late last night, Tuesday, August 16, Benny sent a message to say that our young people have arrived in Madrid.

Maria, from the youth group, writes last words from Santiago.

Today, our young people move from Santiago di Compostella to Madrid, joining hundreds of thousands of young people, who will welcome the Pope on Thursday, August 18.

Daniele and Daniele sent us a report this time on a moving Sunday in Santiago.

Only images arrived this time and no report but they speak for themselves. Our young people sing for the old people of Santiago and encounter a rain storm.

Kirill sent us another report after a long and exhausting day.

Father Apolinary sent us a report of a special meeting that took place today, August 12, in Santiago di Compostella.