Pope Benedict XVI visited a New York synagogue a day before the beginning of Passover.

A statement, published on April 4, 2008, clarifies the Church's position on dialogue with the Jewish people after the debate concerning the reformulation of the Good Friday prayer for the Jews in the Tridentine Latin rite.

On Easter Sunday (23.3.2008), about 80 members of the different Hebrew-speaking Catholic communities in Israel – from Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheba and Tel Aviv – Jaffa – gathered together for a day of joy, of prayer and of unity in the convent of Kiryat Yearim.

Kol Rina no. 8 (Easter edition 2008)

The Lain Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, who turns 75 on March 19, has published a final pastoral letter.

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Kol Rina no. 6 (Rosh HaShana edition, 2007)

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