Richard Harvey, a leading Jewish Messianic theologian and activist, has initiated a campaign to have the “Judensau” – an anti-Jewish depiction – removed from the facade of the Wittenberg church in Germany.

A bereaved mother, member of our kehillot, sent us a poem for Memorial Day.

Cardinal Leon Suenens (1904-1996), former Archbishop of Brussels-Malines, Belgium, was one of the fathers at the Second Vatican Council. His influence on the Council was notable and he was close to Pope John XXIII. We publish a text of his on hope and the Holy Spirit.

Father Roman, responsible for the kehilla in Haifa, sent Easter greeting, writing:

Three more questions were sent from a mother and daughter in the Haifa community as they jointly reflected on the readings for the second Sunday of Lent:

D, a member of the youth group “Desert Flower”, returned from Taizé and wrote:

Elena from the Jaffa kehilla sent us the link to a journal in Russian which can be read on line. The journal is published with the name "Sviet Mari" (Light of Mary).

A dear friend in the USA has sent us the link to a new website that promotes creativity.

This Sunday, 27th Sunday of the year, we hear Jesus' parable of the vineyard (Matthew 21:33-43). In a commentary of Father Tom Rossica, he insists that we avoid an anti-Jewish reading of the parable. Thanks to T. of the Haifa kehilla for sending us the commentary, published on ZENIT.

Father Michel Remaud, director of the Albert Decoutray Institute and long time member of the Hebrew-speaking community in Jerusalem, was extensively quoted by ZENIT, the Catholic news agency, on why YHWH is not used in the Catholic liturgy.