Don Giuseppe Dossetti (1913-1996), prominent figure in the Catholic Church in Italy, reflected on the Shoah and the presence of Christ crucified in history. A new book examines his thought.

Sharon, our US friend, sent us this video clip with an inspiring message.

Our brother Yohanan from the Jerusalem kehilla sent us a wonderful video clip that expresses the joy of Easter.

In the light of the reading of the story of the binding of Isaac at Sunday's mass today, March 4, 2012, E. and Father Roman from the Haifa kehilla translated the section dealing with this story in Blessed Pope John Paul II's "Roman Triptych" into Hebrew. Here you can read it in English too

In these days, as we are exposed to the tragic stories of the asylum seekers from Africa and the difficulties of the foreign workers in our country, the priest responsible for the Filipino community in israel, Father Angelo, has sent us a video clip to stimulate our reflection.

Miros?aw Rucki, one of the editors of the Polish founded Catholic review, "Love One Another", has sent us the links to this review.

S. from the Jerusalem kehilla sent us a heartwarming video clip of Blessed Pope John Paul II and the children he so loved.

In his homily for the Feast of the Epiphany on Thursday, January 6, Pope Benedict XVI commented on the creation of the universe, a universe that can be discerned for signs that point to the Creator who lovingly created it. Thus the three magi, reading creation, came to adore the new born child in Bethlehem.

Patsy, a friend from Australia, sent us a YouTube clip for Christmas.

Our friend, Dr. Pablo Hübner from Uruguay has sent us this testimony about his father, Professor Mario Hübner Lehrer.

Daniel, member of the Jaffa kehilla, has sent us a link to the lectures of Father Lawrence Freeman OSB, who is a well known lecturer on Christian spirituality. Father Lawrence lectures in English and there is Russian translation.

Daniel from Jaffa sent us a short quotation in Russian from the book "Light Within" of renowned Benedictine author Laurence Freeman OSB.

Father Joseph Nguyeãn Coâng Doan is a Jesuit from Vietnam who was imprisoned for nine years (from 1981 to 1990) as part of the persecution of Catholics by the communist regime. In prison, he wrote this poem that can help us enter into Holy Week as we pray that we might always be faithful to Christ, who came to serve.