A wonderful resource on the Bible with in-depth commentaries on the books of the Bible and various themes.

The Israeli Bible Society has inaugurated a new web site that is very useful for those seeking to get to know better the Scriptures.

One of the best loved psalms among both Jews and Christians is the Psalm "The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23). We publish here a number of links to very different performances of the psalm.

Jews and Christians both pray the Psalms. Psalm 1 is sung in Hebrew and Arabic.

Proverbs 31:10-31 is a beautiful text about the role of the woman of valor in the life of her family and her society. In Jewish tradition it is often sung at the Friday night table when the family celebrates together the Sabbath.

In one Oriental Jewish tradition, the Song of Songs is sung between the afternoon prayer on Friday afternoon and the prayer of receiving the Sabbath. We present here some sung versions of this Biblical gem.

Specialized teachers have published a guide to the Book of Psalms on the internet, thus facilitating the study of the psalms in Hebrew.

In the Book of Psalms, there are 150 psalms. However, there are differences in the numbering of the psalms when one compares the Hebrew TaNaKh to the Septuagint (the ancient translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek). Why does this happen?

The Bible Society published on its site the New Testament in text form as well as in audio. We publish here the links.

Thanks to collaboration between the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and Google, one can now read part of the Dead Sea Scrolls on the internet.

Yossi Banai, renowned Israeli actor, who passed way in 2006, reads portions of the Book of Psalms, accompanied by music composed by Yonatan Bar Giora. The recording was published in 2005.

One of the most beloved traditional prayers of the Catholic Church is the prayer of the rosary. The prayer contemplates the mysteries of the life of Mary, the center of which was her son, Jesus Christ. In such a contemplation, the believer participates in the events of the life of Mary and the life of Jesus.

Here you can hear the text of the Roman Catholic mass read slowly in Hebrew. The reader is Father David Neuhaus SJ, Patriarchal Vicar of the Hebrew-speaking Catholic Vicariate in Israel. The mass is for the feast of Isaiah the Prophet and the readings (from Isaiah and Psalms) are read by the late Father Abraham Shmueloff. This is to aide those who wish to familiarize themselves with the text of the mass in Hebrew.

Here you can listen to the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew. The reader is Father Abraham Shmueloff, a member of the Hebrew-speaking Catholic community in Israel, who passed away in 1994 - Listen