As preparation for the 2017 summer children’s camp, Benny, seminarian in the Saint James Vicariate, composed a song that is appropriate for the themes of the camp – peace and respect.

Yossi, from the Jaffa kehilla, has written the music for a new song that he also performs, based on the words of Isaiah 52:13-15. It is a very suitable Lenten meditation.

T. from the Haifa kehilla has put to music a beautiful poem by Aleksey Apukhtin (1840-1893) in Russian. We publish here the translation and the link.

A song for Christmas, composed by Myriam from the Haifa kehilla to bring us into the atmosphere of the feast.

A new song by Myriam, from the Haifa kehilla, for the Advent season. Thank you Myriam for this musical accompaniment in this blessed season,

The Christian Media Center in collaboration with the Saint James Vicariate for Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel has released a new film about the kehillot.

Benny, seminarian in the Saint James Vicariate, prepared a group of almost fifty children over the period of a year in order that they might receive first communion. He composed a song in preparation for the celebration.

Father Rafic of the Jerusalem kehilla composed music for the Hebrew version of this traditional hymn to honor the Virgin Mary. Benny, Magali and Father Rafic sing the hymn.

Sinead, from the community Koinonia John the Baptist, together with members of the kehilla at Saint Peter’s Church in Tiberias, offer us a wonderful Christmas present: a new song “Do not be afraid”.

A song for Advent from the concert in the Saint James Vicariate (October 22, 2014).

Benedetto has sent us a precious gift for this Advent season, a beautiful song from the tradition of the kehillot.

On Friday, June 6, 2014, Benny, seminarian for the Saint James Vicariate was invited to sing at a Eucharistic celebration organized by Brazilian movements on pilgrimage for Pentecost in the Holy Land.

Benedetto, seminarian in the Saint James Vicariate, composed the music for this song in honor of the Virgin Mary, which was sung for the first time during the celebration of the 130th anniversary since the death of Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne, founder of the Congregation of Sion, during which Brother Tiago made his final profession.

T. from the Haifa community has sent us a song, beautifully performed. The music is by Nurit Hirsch and the lyrics by Shimrit Or.

A song for Lent in order to strengthen us as we reach the half way point.

After a meeting of the young people from the Desert Flower group, Benny wrote a song and set it to music.

The traditional Catholic prayer, "Anima Christi" - "Soul of Christ" – is sung here by Magali, Father Rafic and Benny from the Saint James Vicariate.

A song in Hebrew for the time of Advent.

David Loden, a Messianic Jewish musician, has composed many beautiful hymns that can help us praise the Lord.

A beautiful prayer from the Byzantine tradition to the Holy Spirit, sung by Father Rafic, Benedetto and Magali according to a melody composed by Father Rafic, which can serve as a prayer for the conclave during which the successor of Pope Benedict XVI will be chosen.