Klezmer, a word derived from the Hebrew "klai zemer" (musical instruments), refers to a musical tradition that developed in Eastern Europe. Here we have collected a selection of Klezmer melodies.

The Moscow Male Jewish Choir - "Hassidic Cappella" was formed in 1989 in order to perform and popularize Jewish vocal music - sacred and profane. We have collected here a number of outstanding performances of synagogue cantorial music.

A collection of Psalms in Hebrew with the Hebrew in Hebrew letters and in transliteration. The music is the attempt by Suzanne Haïk Vantoura, a French Jewish composer, to reconstitute an original Biblical music.

Dana Winner, a Belgian singer, has produced a beautiful song that serves as a prayer for our children. T. from the Haifa kehilla sent us the song.

In Georgia, there is a small community of Assyrian Christians, who found refuge there at the time of persecutions in the early twentieth century.

We received from a friend a beautiful film clip of a song of a rabbi and a bishop singing together.

On Saturday, July 4, 2015, a group of musicians sang the hymn “Amazing Grace” in the presence of Pope Francis during a prayer service for persecuted Christians.

In the light of the Encyclical Laudato si, we publish the link to a beautiful presentation in dance and music on the environment sent to us by T. from the Haifa kehilla.

Kelley Mooney's spiritual lyrical adaptation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" for the Easter season.

Myriam from the Haifa community has sent us a collection of sacred music for Good Friday, the day on which Jesus gave up his life for us.

T. from the Haifa community has sent us some music (hymns in English) and art to help us meditate on the Lenten season.

In times of terror and tragedy, it is good to highlight other images of harmony and coexistence.

On December 24, 2014, Israeli opera singer, Chen Reiss, sang a part of the creed, as composed by Mozart, during the mass celebrated by Pope Francis.

In December 2006, New Line Cinema released a beautiful version of the Nativity story, focusing on Mary and Joseph. We post here links to a ten part version of the film on You Tube.

An Austrian television station recorded the beloved Christmas hymn “Silent Night” in various languages and the medley began with Hebrew and Arabic in the chapel of Saints Simeon and Anne House in Jerusalem.

Thanks to two members of the Haifa community, L.S. and T.T. we have collected more Christmas carols from different countries and a variety of traditions.

The Christian tradition of special songs for Christmas began in the Middle Ages. The songs helped prepare the community for Christmas joy and the tradition is to sing these songs during Advent and in the Christmas period as an expression of joy. Many songs are sung throughout the Christian world in translation.

T. sent us a video clip to help us into the joy of this Sunday of Advent.

It's not very common to see a Franciscan friar skateboarding, but for Fra Grabriel, it's business as usual.

As we continue to pray for the Iraqi people, especially those murdered, wounded and displaced, Shiites, Yazidis, Christians and others, we can watch a beautiful video clip.