On the occasion of the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (on February 2), Benny sent us the song "Light for the nations, glory of Israel".

This time a song for Christmas from Myriam, our musician from Haifa. Let us pray that we will be ready to receive the baby that is born for us.

S, one of the fathers who participated in the weekend for families that was held in Tiberias at the beginning of December 2011, filmed the songs from the festive mass. We hope that watching the video clip will contribute to preparing for Christmas.

Benedetto, seminarian of the Vicariate, has written and performed a short song of praise. Let us pray with him and give praise.

Matthias Renggli, a Swiss seminarian, spent a year in the Jerusalem kehilla and sent us a video clip as a token of gratitude to the kehilla.

Myriam, from the Haifa kehilla, has composed a new song, “To worship You, Lord”. This time the song is in French, English and Hebrew. We are happy to present the song on our site.

Myriam from the Haifa kehilla has written a new song about baptism. The beautiful song is accompanied with photos from the life of the Haifa kehilla during Holy Week and from the day of the kehillot at Easter.

Benny, Father Rafic and Magali sing together a song from the Book of Revelation. The song was recorded at the celebration of the kehillot of Easter, 2012.

Our musician, Myriam from the Haifa kehilla, has composed a new song for Palm Sunday. Come let us enter the Holy City with Him, singing songs of joy.

Another gift for us from the musicians in Jerusalem – this time composition by Magali and performed by Magali and Benny.

Benny and Magali from the Vicariate community give us a gift with which to start Lent – a beautiful song performed by both of them – with guitar and violin.

We continue to publish music from the Hebrew speaking Catholic community in Israel, recorded at the Sunday liturgy.

The "Kyrie" is a penitential refrain. The "Gloria" is a hymn of praise that is sung by the faithful during the mass on Sundays and feast days. The recording here is from a Sunday mass in the Jerusalem kehilla.

Father Rafic, from the Jerusalem kehilla, wrote the music for the prayer of Blessed Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916), a French ascetic who lived many years in the Sahara desert. He is the spiritual father of the Little Brothers and Sisters of Jesus. The song is sung by Benny and Magali from the Jerusalem kehilla and Andrea designed the video clip. The song was first sung at the Feast of Charles de Foucauld in the Jerusalem kehilla in 2011.

On the Feast of Sukkot, the people gathered in Jerusalem to thank God for the harvest of the year. Myriam, our musician from Haifa, sent us a song of thanksgiving, in which she gives thanks for her life and all of God's wonders during its course.

Myriam, from the Haifa kehilla, gives us this time a song based upon a personal supplication before the Virgin Mary. We publish the link here in honor of Mary's birthday on September 8.

Myriam, from the Haifa kehilla, has put Psalm 23 to music she composed. This psalm can also help us pray for a new and blessed year.

Myriam, from the Haifa kehilla, has composed a song, inspired by Bach and words from Psalm 31.

Myriam, our musician from the Haifa kehilla, has again given us a simple and beautiful prayer song. Due to its words, we can also pray it for the children menaced with deportation from the country.

Myriam, from the Haifa kehilla, with the aide of Viviane from the Shalom Community, translated into Hebrew a song of the Brazilian community, which also participated in the life of the Haifa kehilla.