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Israeli Peace Songs
Tuesday, 20 May 2008 11:21

Here we have posted a collection of Israeli peace songs that can be listened to as prayers for peace.

Image1. Shir leShalom (A song for peace) - a peace song
Performed by the Lehaka (with Hebrew subtitles) - View and listen

2. Noladti leshalom (I was born for peace) - the Uzi Hitman classic
Performed by Uzi Hitman - View and listen

Performed by Sexta - View and listen

Performed with Hebrew subtitles and film clip - View and listen

Performed by Betty at the Uzi Hitman memorial - View and listen

3. Heveinu shalom aleinu (We have brought peace on ourselves) - a peace song with a group of Israeli Jewish and Arab musicians in Hebrew and Arabic
Performed by Shlomo Gronich, Zehava Ben, Leah Shabbat, Eli Luzon, Samir Shukri, Niveen Jaabari, Lubna Salameh and Elias Julianos (with English subtitles) - View and listen

4. Peace song - a funky peace song
Performed by Dag Nakhash (with English subtitles) - View and listen

5. A Middle East Peace song - a Jewish - Arab peace song in Hebrew and Arabic
Performed by David Broza and Said Murad (with English subtitles) - View and listen

6. HaShana In Sha'Allah (This year please God) - a peace song
Performed by Ofra Haza with the Tel Aviv Youth Choir - View and listen

7. Duet for Peace - Israeli and Yemenite songs
Performed by Ester Biro - View and listen

8. Lu Yehi (If only it was so) - the Nomi Shemer classic
Performed by Hava Alberstein - View and listen

9. Had Gadya (One kid) - a traditional Passover hymn turned into a protest and peace song
Performed by Hava Alberstein - View and listen

10. Imagine - the John Lennon classic
Performed by 80 Jewish and Arab children with Bill Clinton - View and listen

Performed by Noa and Cheb Khaled in Hebrew, Arabic and English - View and listen © 2008-2014