simeon-anne-mediumEsther, a sister who lives in a hermitage in the Judean Hills, sent us an explanation of a prayer group that was founded nearly twenty years ago within the framework of the Hebrew speaking Catholic communities and that prays for peace.

Two members of the Jerusalem community founded a prayer group based on the rosary in 1990. This group has continued to pray in the heart of the community for many years and continues until today. The group gathers once a month, the first "Day of the Lord" each month at 17.00, an hour and a half before the celebration of the mass. The prayer, which is the prayer of the rosary, is accompanied by the reading of Scripture passages.

In this prayer with Mary, daughter of Jerusalem and mother of the Church, and following the example of the apostles on Mount Zion (Acts 1:14), we also bring all our intentions for the Church, for the world and especially for the "peace upon Israel" (Ps 128:5) before our heavenly Father.

We perceive the importance and even the urgency of Mary's intercession, she who was given to us as a mother by Jesus when he was on the cross (John 19:27). " Then he said to the disciple: "Behold your mother" and from the that time the disciple took her into his home". Thus, let us also accept her as our mother. We join in her constant supplication so that all her children might unite together and live in peace. Like Queen Esther, who won over the heart of the king for the salvation of the Jewish people, her own people, so too Mary directs the heart of her son, Jesus Christ. King of Israel, and she influences his heart so that full redemption might come quickly.

On January 1, 2006, the Internal Day of Prayer for Peace, which is also the feast day of Mary, Mother of God, and the feast of the circumcision of Jesus, we decided to open up the rosary group of the Jerusalem community to more people both in Jerusalem and outside its precincts and even to people overseas. Those who join the group, pray the rosary each first "Lord's Day" of the month. Thus the unity of hearts in the prayer of Mary fortifies us to persevere in our prayer for peace in Israel and in the world. ("All these were constantly devoting themselves to prayer with one heart, together with some women, including Mary, the mother of Jesus, as well as his brothers").

If you are interested to join us in this common prayer, you too can pray the rosary as we have described, on the first "Day of the Lord" of each month at the time that is convenient for you in the case that you are unable to join us at the Jerusalem community house.

We thank you for your contribution to the prayer for the peace that only God can give.
"May God bless you from Zion",
Shoshana, Hanna, Esther, Marie-Yeshoua

Note 1: Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, wrote to us on January 11, 2007: "I can only encourage you to pray this prayer and may it be God's will that it spread and include as many people as possible who will pray for peace. Accept my best wishes and my blessing."

Note 2: Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, wrote to us on May 26, 2009: "Herewith I encourage you to continue this blessed work of your prayer of the rosary for peace. May the Lord give you the peace that comes from him and that no one can take away… may he allow it to be given to Jerusalem, to the Holy Land and to the entire world,  through us.