Three photographers from the Local Church covered the Pope’s visit and they have pooled their photographs. Some of these can be viewed in the galleries they composed.

The three photographers from the Local Church were Mounir Hodali, Andres Bergamini and Nadim Asfour. Their galleries can be viewed here:

Pope in Jordan here

Pope in Presidential Palace in Bethlehem here

Pope in mass in Manger Square here

Pope in Deheisheh Camp here

Pope at the Holy Sepulcher here

Pope at the Latin Patriarchate here

Pope at the Haram al-Sharif here

Pope at the Western Wall here

Pope at Yad VaShem here

Pope at the Chief Rabbinate here

Pope at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem here

Pope at Notre Dame Center here

Pope in Gethsemane here

Pope in the Cenacle here