The Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries again publishes a declaration condemning a new profanation of a Christian religious site by Jewish extremists. This time the focus was the Franciscan monastery on Mount Zion.


“It is the Custody of the Holy Land that published the sad news on its site on October 2, 2012 with the stony title, which is deeply meaningful, “Yet again”. One is immediately reminded of the insulting graffiti on the walls of the Latroun Abbey a month ago. Once again, Jesus is insulted and there is the signature “Tag mhir” (the price tag), a characteristic operation of Israeli extremists.

The Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries in the Holy Land (ACOHL) expresses its profound consternation in the face of these actions and its support in prayer and fraternity of the Franciscans and the Christian community in the Holy Land.

Once again, the Assembly of Ordinaries expresses its unease regarding the education given to young people in some schools where contempt and intolerance are taught. The Assembly is sure that the Israeli authorities will find those responsible from the group “Price Tag” and will mete out their just condemnation. However, more than anything else, the Assembly requests that the educational system be radically changed, without which the same causes will produce the same effects.

This act of aggression is one of many acts of intolerance in Israel and throughout the world which are unbearable.

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