Anna Dobrucka left her mark on the Haifa kehilla and we remember her with gratitude.


In December 1943, with the liquidation of the Tarnow Ghetto, near Krakow, and the deportation of the Jews to the Belzec death camp, Anna, together with her husband, Wladyslaw Jezierski, hid four Jews in their Warsaw home, two adults and two children. Among those hidden was Kalman Fajner, a pharmacist from the ghetto, who was hidden in the couple’s home for two years. The couple endangered their lives for a long period of time out of pure humanitarian motives.

Anna’s husband, W?adys?aw, was suspected by the Nazis of helping Jews and he was sent to Auschwitz where he died. Even after the death of her husband, Anna, well aware of the danger, continued to take care of the Jews under her protection.

After the war, Anna married Kalman Fajner (who changed his name to Józef Dobrucki) and she immigrated to Israel with him. Anna never wanted the act of saving Jews to be made public and sought no renown. Only when her husband’s health deteriorated and she needed help did she accede to his desire and she reported the story to Yad VaShem. Anna was recognized as a Righteous among the Nations in 1982.

She spent the last years of her life in the Gertrude Luckner Home in Nahariyah and passed away in 1987. She contributed much to the acquisition of the Haifa community house for the Hebrew speaking Catholics and also contributed to the life of the community.