On January 30, Claire Friocourt passed away at the age of 85. Claire was a presence of joy, prayer and friendship in our communities in Israel and we thank God for all the gifts He gave us through her.


Claire was born in France in 1926 into a big Catholic family. At an early age she decided to consecrate herself to God within the spirituality of the Sisters of Sion. As a member of the group “Pax Nostra”, she arrived in Israel in 1958 and she lived for many years in Haifa. There she worked with ceramics and in education. Only in the wake of health problems and in her old age, she moved to Jerusalem and began to frequent the Jerusalem kehilla. Hers was a radiant presence and we will miss her… however we have yet another advocate in our kehilla in heaven who will certainly pray for us.

Her funeral took place on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 in the convent of the Sisters of Sion in Ein Karem. There, members of her family, those who shared her way, and the members of the kehillot in the country were able to take leave of her at a mass and during the funeral rites. It was impressive to see representatives of all the kehillot at the funeral – a sign of the love that the kehillot had for Claire.

May her memory be a source of blessing and strength!