In Haifa that sits on the mountains of Carmel, the place of Elijah the prophet, there is also a Hebrew-speaking Catholic community.

The beloved and unforgettable founder of the community was Father Daniel Rufeisen, a Polish Jew and Carmelite monk, who immigrated to Israel in the mid 1950s. He served as the priest of the community for many years. Father Daniel was well known throughout the country as a hero who had saved hundreds of Jews during the Shoah (and his story is prominently retold in Yad VaShem). He is also remembered because of his efforts to receive Israeli citizenship as a Jew under the Law of Return. Father Daniel passed away in 1998. The priest in charge of the community today is Father Roman Kaminski, a Polish priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

The community assembles in the community’s house in Haifa’s German Colony, 1 Anilewicz Street. Sunday mass is celebrated on Saturday evening at 18.00 and on Sunday evening at 17.00. In addition a mass in Russian is celebrated on Saturday morning at 11.30.

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