After a meeting of the young people from the Desert Flower group, Benny wrote a song and set it to music.

To hear the song here

Once I was a child, they taught me all I know,
They told me what to do, I knew how to obey.
Parents defended me: my heroes.
I, the center of the world, loved, spoilt.
But I… I… who am I really?


Now something new is coming over me,
Everything seems blocked, the world, my life.
Unknown forces, such a strange situation,
I am in a tempest, completely distracted
But I… I… who am I really?

I want to but cannot, fear paralyses,
What if I do not succeed, if I fail.
I want to love, I want to live,
To be happy about the sun and wealth and health.
But I… I… who am I really?

Help me God, You are all powerful,
To get out of the bubble, to burst into the world.
To meet the other, to learn from mistakes,
That I might not fear to grab opportunities,
Learn to get over obstacles,
Stop hiding from the eyes of people.

Help me God, you are all-knowing,
You gathered tears poured out on the pillow,
Then I will be free, live with a whole heart,
I will give my all, will not feel shame any more…
In sadness and in happiness I will be truly myself.
I… I… finally really me.