Bethlehem continues to be the center today as well when Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas. We wish them a happy feast.

orthodox_noelIn fact, there are three celebrations of Christmas every year in Bethlehem. First, the Latin Church together with the other Churches connected to the Christian West celebrate Christmas on the eve of December 24. Thirteen days later, on the eve of January 6 according to the Western (Gregorian) calendar, the Eastern Orthodox, Coptic and Syrian Churches celebrate Christmas because they use the Eastern (Julian) calendar that reaches the same date (December 24), thirteen days later. Twelve days later, when the other Orthodox and Eastern Churches celebrate Epiphany, the Armenian Orthodox Church in Bethlehem celebrates Christmas. In this way we have the privilege of celebrating Christmas three times.

T. from the Haifa community sent us two Celine Dior songs to continue the Christmas celebration:

The Magic of Christmas Day: View and listen

Happy Christmas: View and listen