On the kehillot day that took place on Saturday, September 28, 2013, in Jaffa, members of the kehillot collected a contribution for the Luckner Home in Nahariyah.

The Parents’ Home named for Gertrude Luckner in Nahariyah was founded by Father Daniel Rufeisen, founder of the Haifa kehilla, and Elisheva Hemker. You can read about the house on our site here

The director of the home today is Martha from the Haifa kehilla. At the end of the kehilla day, Martha received a contribution from the members of the kehilla totaling 2180 shekels. In this way, the members of the kehillot brought the produce of their hands and handed it over to the needy. Martha explained that the contribution would help the administration at a time when there is a lack of financing.

Thanks to all who contributed!