On Monday November 17, 2014, Father Emile Shoufani, Greek Catholic Arab priest from Nazareth, received the prestigious award of the French Jewish Christian Friendship association.


Father Shoufani is active in the field of Jewish-Christian dialogue in Israel and in France. In 2003 Father Shoufani brought a group of 500 people, Jews, Christians and Muslims of Israeli, Belgian and Franch nationality, to the site of Auschwitz – Birkenau. Memory for Peace was the motto of that unique endeavor, or as Father Shoufani had put it himself : «If you want peace, prepare peace».

Father Shoufani, a Greek Catholic priest, lives in Nazareth and was the director of Saint Joseph High School. He continues to focus on deepening the relationship between Christians and Jews and between Christians and Muslim, both as an educator and as a spiritual leader.

The award was presented to him in recognition for this.