On Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013, members of the different Hebrew speaking, Catholic communities gathered in Beit Jemal in order to celebrate the feast together.


It is a tradition in our kehillot to gather together on Easter Sunday and this year about 250 people came to the Monastery of the Salesian Fathers in Beit Jemal, near Beit Shemesh. The day was spent in a joyful celebration.

Everything began with mass, celebrated by the head of the Hebrew speaking communities, Father David Neuhaus, who was surrounded by all the priest who work in the Saint James Vicariate. Before the entry of the priests, a moment was spent to remember those who had died since last Easter, Samy Auszenkier and Hanna Kleinberger. Prayers of thanksgiving were offered for those who had been baptized at the Vigil mass the night before. In his homily, Father David focused on the dramatic movement through Holy Week, from the joy of Palm Sunday through the despair of Good Friday to a new and profound joy of Easter Sunday.

As each year, this year too the music encouraged a spirit of prayer during mass. The wonderful musicians included representatives from the different communities, directed by Benny from the Vicariate community, Thiago and Christina from Jerusalem, Myriam from Haifa, Sinead and Lioba from Tiberias and Paula from Beer Sheba as well as a number of others.

After the prayer, the food was blessed and those present brought their delicacies out of their bags. The crowd ate lunch in the open air. People exchanged news and moved from group to group.

At 14.00, all gathered once again on the basketball field for some games and much fun was had by all until the time for a final prayer, animated by Father Roman from Haifa, which brought together the spirituality of Saints Ignatius and Francis, following in the footsteps of the new Pope. The faithful departed, refueled in joy and awaiting a new occasion to meet again.

A group remained in Beit Jemal to begin the children’s Easter camp, which followed on immediately.