On Wednesday, December 21, a special evening will take place dedicated to the feast of the season at Alma – Home of Hebrew Culture in Tel Aviv. The discussion will focus on the question of miracles in the three religion, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We publish here the invitation.


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What miracle happened among us?

Each year, the three religions celebrate their feasts alongside one another: Hannuka, Christmas and al-Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice). In each of the great books, the Quran, the New Testament and the TaNaKh, there are stories about light, Messianism, ascension into heaven, and resurrection.

The feasts of feasts invites us to a trialogue about what is common, similar and different among the cultures. What is considered a miracle, to what extent is the miraculous central to the religious culture and the daily lives of each of the three religions, and whether miracles still occur for us today?


Dr. Hannah Friedman, director of the study center Itim at Tel Aviv University, lecturer in Talmud and the thought of the Sages at Alma.

Father Dr. David Neuhaus, Catholic priest, Jesuit and Latin Patriarchal Vicar, responsible for the Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel and coordinator of the pastoral work among migrants and asylum seekers. Lecturer at Beit Jala seminary and at Bethlehem University.

Sheikh Wael Mahamid, formerly chairman of the Islamic Council in Jaffa, MA in history, high school teacher, marriage convenor, advocate in family families in the Shari'a court of Jaffa and social activist.

Music and song: Yair Harel and Merav Ben David

Yair Harel, musician, singer and percussionist. Director of the site Piyyut, artistic manager of the Piyyut festival, coordinator in the program "Singing Communities". Fellow in the Creative Seminar at Alma.

Merav Ben David, singer and inter-disciplinary artist, graduate of the vocal department in the Jerusalem Academy of Music, specialist in Medieval music, founder and participant in various ensembles for Medieval and contemporary music.

Yarden Erez, oud and keyboard, multi-talented musician, unique composer, plays a range of instruments and styles.

Charperson: Dr. Ruth Kalderon


Wednesday, December 21, 2011, Kislev 25, 5772
Second candle of Hannuka
At Beit Alma, 4 Bezalel Yaffe Street, Tel Aviv