Benny relates

After an interruption of one year and a half, “Kinor naim” project for the musicians of the Vicariate, came back with a one day workshop. On Friday the 2 of February, 6 representatives of Jerusalem, Jaffa and Tiberias communities gather together at the sisters of the Koinonia John the Baptist’s house, in Even Sappir, in the Ein Kerem area.

The workshop opened with a lunch kindly offered by the hosting sisters, prepared with generosity and simplicity. Straight afterwards we started to work on the list of songs, particularly fitting the approaching Lenten season.

From 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm we rehearsed around 20 songs, some of which were known and some others new to most of us. The rehearsal was led by Benny and Fr. Rafic. The meeting concluded with the celebration of the Mass in the Church dedicated to St. Elisabeth.

With a heart full with joy we thank God for this opportunity and look forward to the next meeting, scheduled for June.