Katrin reports

ramla_group.jpgFor the first time the youth group of Desert Flower has had its monthly meeting in the city of Ramla. There we were hosted by the Franciscan community and welcomed by Fr. Abdel Masih Fahim, the Franciscan sisters and by around 40 youth of the St. Nicodemus and St. Joseph of Arimathea youth group.

It was a truly wonderful encounter between the youth groups where they have experienced being part of a larger community. We have started the weekend with a movie describing the history of the catholic community in Ramla, followed by warming up games that helped the youth to get in contact with each other. After a delicious dinner that was cooked for us by the community of Ramla, we learned some dances from the different group members and finally opened the dance floor for everyone.

On Saturday some youth from Ramla spent the day with us and joined us touring the city’s attraction sites and during mass.    

For the coming year such kind of meetings are one of our focal points. We find it very important that our catholic youth experience that they are part of a larger community and that they share their faith with many others. Despite of growing up in different cities and coming from different cultural backgrounds, they still share a common faith that binds them together.

This encounter with the youth from Ramla that has followed the meeting with the youth group of Couples for Christ, has given us the motivation to continue this process and bind the different youth groups stronger together.