Father Roman, priest responsible for the Haifa kehilla, sent us his festive greetings for Christmas 2017.

roman christmas2017

If I were a star in the sky, I would guide one and all to the stable in Bethlehem.

If I were a wise man from the East or a king, I would bow before the little prince of peace.

If I were an angel, I would announce joy to all the people on earth.

If I were a shepherd I would bring a small lamb to the king of kings.

If I were a manger, I would try to be comfortable and soft for the little child.

If I were straw, I would tickle the little foot of our Savior.

If I were an ox or a donkey, I would try to warm the baby wrapped in bands of cloth.

If I were Mary ... I do not know what I would have done. It seems so hard and painful for me to have a child. Blessed are women and blessed among them are you, Mary.

If I were Joseph, I would have cared for Mary and the child, I would give them love and warmth of home and family.

If I were God ...?

Would I have sent him to be born on earth, knowing that people would not accept him but would pursue him, betray him, cause him pain and put him to death ...?

Out of love for humanity, out of love for my son, yes, I would send him, not only knowing that on the third day he would be resurrected, but also knowing that I want to bring light to the souls of men and women, who will change their lives on this quiet and holy night in which he was born.

Merry Christmas!!!