Father Piotr, parish priest of Beer Sheba, reports on the meeting of the youth members of Desert Flower in Haifa on Friday and Saturday, December 8 and 9, 2017.

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Desert Flower met this month in Haifa, in the Latin Parish of Saint Joseph, run by the Carmelite Fathers. The program was focused on Christmas. The members of the group talked about various traditions connected to the feast and learned about their origins. A good moment of relaxation was the visit to the Christmas market that traditionally takes place in Haifa on the Saturdays in December.

The group also visited the Hebrew speaking community where Father Roman gave us a guided tour, explaining the different elements in the chapel. There was also time to watch a movie - one of the Christmas classics, and to study a passage from the Gospel according to Luke that talks about Jesus' birth. Many thanks to Father Abdo Abdo, parish priest of Haifa, for his hospitality.