Father Benny, chaplain of the Holy Family Filipino Community in Nazareth, reports on the return of Sister Elena, who had served as coordinator of the community.

elena back

In the evening of Saturday, December 16, 2017, we had our anticipated Sunday mass at Mensa Christi Church in Nazareth. Some 25 members of the community, coming from both Nazareth and Afula, could attend it. It served also to welcome back Sister Elena Balsomo, who had returned from the Philippines a couple of days ago. She had gone home for her triennial vacation but had to stay onward for practically a year to be of assistance to her aged parents, who were alone then. Very shortly before her return to the Holy Land, her father died. May his soul rest in peace. The Holy Family community welcomes her back to Nazareth, where she serves at the Casa Nova Hotel.

elena back2