Sister Dinesha, a member of the Congregation of Perpetual Help from Sri Lanka, has been directing the Day Care Center for babies in south Tel Aviv since it was founded in September 2014.

dinesha anusha

Sister Dinesha, after three years as director, is leaving her post in order to take over the responsibility for the Sri Lankan migrants in Israel. In this job she replaces Sister Clarice, who will be returning to Sri Lanka. Sister Dinesha has left her mark on the lives of many babies and their families and now is the time to thank her for her hard work and wonderful service to the migrant community.

Sister Anusha has recently arrived from Sri Lanka. She too is a sister in the Congregation of Perpetual Help. A trained kindergarten teacher, Sister Anusha will be taking over from Sister Dinesha. We wish her every blessing on her new mission!