On Friday, December 15, 2017, the babies from the eight units of the Saint Joseph day care center in Tel Aviv gathered at the Our Lady Woman of Valor Pastoral Center in south Tel Aviv for a joyful Christmas party.

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52 babies arrive each day at the different units of Saint Joseph day care center and are cared for by a team of ten migrant women (four Eritreans, five Filipinas and one Sri Lankan), directed by Sister Dinesha. The annual Christmas party is a time to come together, celebrate Christmas joy and give thanks for another year of service ands hard work.

This year, the program included prayer, viewing a short video on the children, singing, dancing and saying thank you to the many who contribute to this important work: the teachers, the support staff, Sister Dinesha, the support team from Unitaf, the Israeli NGO that helps run the center, the Israeli volunteers who come to work with the babies, Father Mako, director of the pastoral center and the other sisters in the center, Sisters Regina, Lerma and Clarice and the parents, who entrust their little ones to the center each day.

This year the celebration was graced with a number of special guests: Rabbi Levi and his wife Paula, Father Jude, the priest who has arrived from Sri Lanka for Christmas, Father David, emeritus Latin Patriarchal Vicar and the team that runs the baby day care center at Saint Rachel Center in Jerusalem.

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