On Monday, December 4, 2017, the yearly ceremony to recognize the volunteers who bring spiritual comfort to prisoners was held.

prison award2017

The ceremony coordinated by the Prison Service, the Prison Rabbinate and the Organization of Prisoners was hosted at Kibbutz Hafetz Haim. Among the guests were Asher Vaknin, deputy of the head of the Prison Service, Ronit Zach - head of the Correctional Activities and Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Vizner - Chief Rabbi of the Prison Service. Sister Rosa, Fr. Wander and Fr. Piotr - from the team of the Hebrew Speaking Catholic Prison Ministry – together with Fr Rafic, the Latin Patriarchal Vicar, were present during the ceremony. A diploma of recognition was handed to Fr Rafic, recognizing with gratitude the role of the Catholic chaplains. Both Ronit Zach and Rabbi Vizner mentioned in their speeches that among the non-Jewish religious organizations that visit the prisoners in Israel there is also the Catholic Church (as a part of Latin Patriarchate). The ceremony finished with a common meal, songs and dances.