Ma'ariv newspaper published a long article telling the story of the Jewish children who lived in a monastery during the Shoah, on December 1, 2017. Thank you, S. R. who sent us this article.

hidden children

They survived by being hidden in the bosom of Christianity and they owe their lives to the nuns. In preparation for a special conference, the children, who are about 80 years old now, remember the moment of separation from their parents and the moment when they were informed that they are Jews.

During the Holocaust many Jewish children were given to the convents by their parents or by those who hid them and were forced to transfer them to another place. The fate of these children was different from convent to convent and from country to country. At the end of the war, their families or the Jewish organizations that dealt with the saving of these children came to the convents to bring them back to Judaism. The children were not always found in the convents to which they had been brought, because they were often not registered there when they arrived for fear of the Germans. There were convents that baptized the children, and there were also children who themselves did not want to return to Judaism.

After the war, the children, who were very small when they were handed over to the convents, had to adapt to their parents or to the children's homes to which they were transferred. A conference will be held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, at the Eretz Israel Museum in Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, under the title "Where to?", initiated by the association “Next Generations” together with the association “Flight Heritage” and the Cyprus Immigrants Organization. A special discussion will be held on the children in the children homes, the children in the convents and the children in the displaced persons camp in Bergen - Belsen. The association “Next Generations” seeks to perpetuate the memory of the Shoah and the resurrection of each one of the survivors," explains Billy Laniado, chairman of the association, "We also see a duty to tell the stories of the children who were placed in convents during the Holocaust, those hidden in different places and even those who were adopted by Christian families. "

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