Maroun, a resident of the Jerusalem home of the Vicariate, writes to us about his experience during the retreat that took place on 25 November 2017 in Ein Karem.

christ king

I wanted to write a few words about the day of retreat that took place in Ein Karem last Saturday with the Jerusalem and Jaffa communities. First of all, the place is wonderful. It is located on a mountain and from there you can see amazing and peaceful scenery. The purpose of the retreat was to engage in soul-searching, take a breath for a moment and think about our faith in God. Are we on the right track? Is it possible to deepen our faith?

In this meeting, Benny, a seminarian, gave us a very interesting lesson about the meaning of the word "king" in the Bible, and the difference between an earthly king and the great King - the king of truth who is God.

In addition to being asked some important questions such as what God has given you in life? On this day I noticed that God gave me many things! He gave me the ability to forgive, gave me the ability to help others and gave me the opportunity to return into His arms, His hands being always open to receive us.

It was a very important day for me!