Katrin, social worker at Our Lady Woman of Valor in Tel Aviv, reports.

desertflower 11.2017

Hosted at St. Peter’s monastery in Jaffa, Perah HaMidbar had its November meeting on Friday and Saturday, November 17 and 18, 2017. With a relatively big group of new members, we dedicated the weekend to get to know each other better and to strengthen the feeling of the group as being home for each one of its members.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to also partly host the members of Youth for Christ at our meeting. The youth members of Couples for Christ, a Filipino based charismatic movement, joined us for our program on Saturday as we believe it is very important for the Hebrew speaking Catholic youth in the Holy Land to understand that they are not a few but many. We want them to experience that it is not weird to believe in Jesus Christ and that as we are many, we are all there to strengthen each other.

The weekend was therefore filled with activities such as games, a boat tour on the Mediterranean Sea and a wonderful BBQ in the park of old Jaffa and we came together for prayers and mass.

For the coming months we are looking forward to further build on these steps of strengthening each other.