Latin Patriarchal Vicar Father Rafic Nahra participated in a book launch of a new book on interfaith dialogue and the peace process on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

kronish book

This book, written by Reform Rabbi Ron Kronish, describes the theory and practice of interreligious dialogue, education and action in Israel and Palestine in the context of the political peace process as well as the peace-building processes and programs, by drawing on personal experiences and encounters of more than twenty-five years. Through memorable incidents and inspirational stories, the book offers insights into the obstacles and challenges, as well as the achievements and successes of interreligious dialogue and action programs. In addition, it provides a practical model of interreligious dialogue for people around the world and leaves the reader with a message of hope for the future.

Father Rafic and a Muslim woman, Layla Abd Rabbo were invited to constitute a panel together with Rabbi Kronish to discuss the book and the new directions in dialogue in Israel today. The evening was held in the Baqa Community Center which is also the home of Kehillat Zion, led by Rabbi Tamar Elad Appelbaum.

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