Sister Claudia and Father Rafic report on the children's trips from the Saint Rachel Center on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

sukkot dinosaurs

After learning about Francis of Assisi, the "small" children of Saint Rachel Center went to visit the Natural History Museum. We had a wonderful guide who accompanied us and told us the history of the dinosaurs, the life and work of bees, and also let us pet some rabbits and hamsters. This last activity fascinated the little ones, and thanks to this, some shy children managed to overcome their fears and discover the delicacy of the animals. On the other hand, the strongest and most courageous learned to be more gentle and quiet in order not to frighten the little animals.

At the same time, the group of "big" children (aged 7-12) went to the Israel Museum, accompanied by two counsellors, and participated in a kite workshop. Some girls brought them paper, colors, stickers, thread, etc., helped them assemble their kites and decorate them, and then the children went out to the museum courtyard and tried to fly them, sometimes successfully and sometimes with less success. The wind got strong in the afternoon and carried some of the kites high, but the strings of several kites got entangled, and the two counsellors worked to unravel the tangle, not always successfully. Overall everyone enjoyed it all.

When we give thanks for all that we have received, we pray that discovering God's gifts will help the children discover the beauty of life.

sukkot kites