A group of children in Italy, in catechism class with Sister Sara of the Little Family of the Annunciation, friend of the kehillot, worked hard in order to collect money for the children in the Holy Land. They tell of their project:

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We would like to tell you about our initiative to collect a little money to send to the children in Jerusalem.

A few years ago, we were together with cousins in a part of the country in the mountains where, each year, we go for the summer vacations. On the occasion of the Feast of Saint Lawrence, who is the patron of that region, we had the idea of organizing a fishing for an object event for charity. Exactly at that time, our aunt, Sister Sara, who was about to leave to go to the Holy Land, came to visit and she told us a little about the situation over there and the service she was going to do for the children there. It was then that we began to think about dedicating whatever we coulfd gather from our project to the children over there. That first year the money was sent to Gaza in order to buy spectacles for children who needed them but could not afford them.

Four years have gone by since then and each summer we have added a new shelf to oiur little market. From the beginning of August, we start to go around the region with a little green cart and we knock at every door, asking for objects that are no longer used (but are still in good condition) and which can be sold: used games, children’s clothes, objects that are in surplus... Let us tell the truth though: it happens sometimes that there is something that we like and so we put a number on it so that we can win it and it can stay with us. However, of courser, we always pay for the corresponding ticket.

This year, another of our aunts had the idea to organize a ceramics workshop in order to produce objects to sell. She invited an art teacher to come and teach us. We were more than twenty children and we worked for three entire days. Each one of us produced plates, vases, utensils, cups and ornaments, which we then painted with her help in special colors, we varnoished the objects and she then baked them in her oven.

It was a real success: everything was sold and we are delighted to send you our profit.

We hope that one day, we will be able to come and visit you. We were delighted to give Father David directly this money and get to know him a little.

It was a wonderful experience to work together for someone else, for our distant brothers and sisters.

See you!
Miriam, Anna, Agata and Lucia in the name of the children of Roncroffio

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