On Saturday, September 9, 2017, the children from the Our Lady Woman of Valor Pastoral Center gathered for the first catechism classes of the new school year.

olwv catechism 2017

About one hundred Catholic children from the neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv gathered in the church of the center, representing the Filipino, Indian and Ge’ez rite communities. Among them about thirty attended for the first time, preparing to attend classes preparing them for first communion. A group of about twenty-five will be preparing for confirmation while the rest will continue their formation in getting to know the history of salvation.

In the first class of the new year, Father David explained the most important focal points in the church: the water as one enters the church, making the sign of the cross, the altar, the lectern, the tabernacle, the crucifix and the image of the Virgin Mary. Father Rafic accompanied Father David for the first time as responsible for the Pastoral Among Migrants.

At the mass, which followed the class, the children were informed that Father David had retired and that Father Rafic would succeed him, continuing to teach the first communion class and coordinate the other classes too.