On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, members of the Coordination of the Pastoral Among Migrants met at the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem to discuss the Church’s work with the migrants and asylum seekers.

cpam 26

Present at the meeting were more than twenty members of the CPAM from the Filipino, Indian, Sri Lankan, Ge’ez rite and French speaking African chaplaincies, priests and sisters, a representative of the prison ministry team, those working with the asylum seekers and the Bedouin and the parish priest of Haifa. The opening prayer was led by Father Michael, the chaplain of the Divine Mercy Community and director of the Our Lady Woman of Valor Center in Tel Aviv.

Much of the meeting was consecrated to the welcoming of Father Rafic, the new coordinator of the CPAM and saying farewell and thank you to Father David, the outgoing coordinator.

Then there was the election of an advisory committee consisting of the Coordinator, Father Rafic, the secretary, Sister Agnese, the director of the Our Lady Woman of Valor Center, Father Michael, the Indian chaplain, Father Tojy, Sister Azezet, active with the asylum seekers, the Israeli NGOs and the Bedouin and Katrin, the Our Lady Woman of Valor social worker.

Among the other themes then treated in the meeting were the following:
- preparation of a retreat day during Advent,
- preparation for the World Migrant Day in January,
- a report on children’s activities during the summer,
- discussion of new developments in Israel with regard to expulsion of migrants and asylum seekers.

After the meeting, Father David was presented with a magnificent icon of Christ, the vine, and the group met around refreshments and a big cake to bid farewell to him.