On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, thanks to the Jerusalem kehilla, children from the Saint Rachel Center made a trip to the “Fishing Park”, near Zichron Yaaqov. Daniel, the animator of the children’s summer camp in the Center, reports:


Like on every other Wednesday during the summer camp, we set off from the Saint Rachel Center for a day trip. We were about 52 children and 17 adult assistants. However, what was different this time is that, thanks to donations received through Father Rafic, we were able to hire buses and take the children out of Jerusalem.

The trip was to a place called the “Fishing Park”, which is next to the city of Zichron Yaaqov. The place is small and attractive and contains a number of different stations, where the children could enjoy and have fun. The stations are: boats that are pulled by a rope in which the children could sail, Omega, a wall to climb, inflatables, a pool in which little fish nibble at your legs and clean them, a pool in which the children could fish, and a wet area containing a small pool with slides.

Despite the small dimensions of the place it is very enjoyable. It is very suitable for activities with children and I could see on their faces that they had a great time. The only down side is that the place is very far away which meant a long journey however even then we enjoyed ourselves with games and songs.

A great thank you to Father Rafic for collection the donations that allowed us to rent the buses and organize the trip. Of course, thank you too to the volunteers who dedicated their energy and time to help us. This was the last day trip this year for the summer camp. We are all delighted that it was a successful and fun day!