On Friday, August 18, 2017, nine toddlers from the Our Lady Woman of Valor child care graduated from child care and prepared to enter the municipal kindergarten system.

olwv graduation 2017 1

Nine excited toddlers celebrated the end of their formation at Our Lady Woman of Valor Pastoral Center together with their proud parents as they prepared to begin kindergarten at the beginning of September. The nine toddlers, five children of Eritrean asylum seekers, two children of Indian migrant workers and two children of Filipino migrant workers, have spent 11 hours a day six days a week in the family units in OLWV run by Ms. Dhang and Ms. Tess.

A few days before a similar graduation ceremony was held in the child care run by Ms. Desta and Ms. Jerusalem, where three children, all children of Eritrean asylum seekers also marked the passage from day care to kindergarten. Next Sunday, a similar celebration will be held in the day care run by Ms. Millie and Ms. Fiore where another five children are leaving.

These seventeen children are among the more than fifty children cared for in the day care that is run by the Catholic Church in south Tel Aviv. These celebrations are times to thank the staff, under the capable leadership of Sister Dinesha, the collaborators with the Church structures at the Israeli NGO Unitaf, which promotes nurturing care for migrant babies and the donors to this Church work. In particular, thanks are due to the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher.

Mazal tov to our little ones and may they succeed as they cross another important crossroad in their lives.

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