On Saturday evening, August 5, 2017. Father Roman baptized a baby boy and here he reports on this event.

baptism haifa

On Saturday evening, August 5, the eve of the Feast of the Transfiguration, our kehilla was filled with joy during the baptism ceremony of Stefan Emil, a little baby. He is the oldest son of Viviani and Victor, our dear friends, who came to the ceremony together with the grandmother and the uncle of the baby, the mother and brother of Victor.

In his homily, Father Roman emphasized that everyone who is baptized in the name of Jesus benefits from two homes, his own residence, in the case of this baby, the home of his parents, and the house of God, the home of our heavenly Father. In the context of the feast, we were reminded that just as it was difficult for the disciples to reach the summit of the mountain, Mount Tabor, so too it is difficult for us to arrive at the weekly mass in the kehilla, however it is worthwhile making the effort so that we too, like Simon Peter can say together: “It is good to be here”, close to our Father, close to Jesus.

This principle was also mentioned by Father Roman to our friend Yuli, who received a special blessing and the entire community prayed for him before his mobilization into the army. He too, whenever he returns, will find his two homes, the home of his mother and brothers and the home of God, the kehilla.