A delegation of Hasidim from New York consulted with the Pope for 45 minutes on Monday, May 8, 2017.

The delegation surprised the Pope with a Hasidic gesture – singing a verse from the Psalms with the words “I will give him long life”, according to a melody of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. The Hasidic band “Pumbedita” was photographed with the group of Hasidim as they sing and dance around the Pope, who seemed to be at ease and even moving with the music. View the meeting on the internet site of The Times of Israel here

The delegation, headed by Rabbi Edgar Gluck, called ‘the Rabbi of Galicia”, had asked to present to the Pope his concern about the destruction of Jewish cemeteries throughout Europe and the Pope promised to intervene and help, according to the delegation. Pope Francis consecrated 45 minutes to the group. Alongside Rabbi Gluck was his son, Rabbi Zvi, who heads an organization that helps victims of abuse and addiction in the ultra-Orthodox community in the USA. Also present was businessman Louis Scheiner. This is not the first time that Rabbi Edgar has met with the highest officials in the Vatican in order to promote the interests of European Jews in general and those in Poland in particular.