Benny, seminarian in the Vicariate, writes to us about the design of a new flag for Desert Flower.

perah midbar flag

Last month, we, as the group of young people, discussed the design of a flag that would represent us in meetings, especially international ones, alongside the flag of Israel. The idea derived from the need to produce something ourselves with which one and all could identify with, the work of our own hands.

We started to work on the idea at the end of the children’s camp at Easter and after we had studied the meaning of the different colors, we chose two.

The second stage, the proposal of models, took place on our WhatsApp group. There we exchanged ideas and suggested changes, both big and small. Finally, on April 20, the final voting took place on five different models. The flag was chosen.

The logo of the group, that has accompanied it since 2011, is in the center of an orange cross (sign of dynamism, balance, warmth, enthusiasm, life and of course “flower”), on the background of the color yellow (sign of the heat of the desert view together with the light of the Holy Land and our joy to be disciples of the Messiah).

We receive our new flag with joy and hope that it will help us even more become one body!