Father Piotr, a member of the prison chaplaincy team, describes the Easter celebration in the prisons in Beer Sheba.

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On Wednesday, April 19, and Thursday, April 20, 2017, the Christian prisoners in the Beer Sheba penitentiaries, Dekel, Eshel and Elah, participated in the Easter liturgy. The team visiting the Beer Sheba prisons consists of two priests (Father Medhin and Father Piotr) and two women religious (Sister Rosa and Sister Teresa). They pray with the prisoners every month, but twice a year (on Christmas and Easter) there is a possibility to celebrate mass. For security reasons, the wine and hosts for the liturgy need to be provided by the penitentiary rabbinate. The Eucharist was celebrated in Hebrew with readings in English, Spanish and Tigrinye, but among the prisoners there were men from Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Nigeria, Philippines, India, Romania, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

In his homily, Father Piotr underlined the message of hope that comes from the resurrection of Christ. "Jesus went out of the tomb and thus showed us that God's love that is stronger than death. He is able to take us out of our tombs. Sometimes in certain situations, for example in prison, life might seem to be full of darkness. The Risen Christ can overcome this darkness and bring everyone to the light of Easter joy".

The members of the team assured their brothers of their constant prayer for them. Many thanks to all who organize the visits: Father David (responsible for the prison ministry), Kirill (the coordinator) and the penitentiary rabbis from Dekel, Eshel and Elah who are always very helpful and welcome us with brotherly love.