Father Piotr, responsible for the Beer Sheba kehilla, reports on an important but sad event in the life of the kehilla.

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They arrived in the capital of the Negev in 1976. In line with their special charism, they started to work in factories, hospitals and other places, among the ordinary people. They participated in the development of the Hebrew speaking Catholic kehilla in Beer Sheba, the construction and the expansion of the church. Pastors came and went but they were always there, in the parish, at the service of the people. They were active on every level: helping the families to raise their children, helping the elderly with daily affairs, visiting the sick, preparing the reception after mass, working at the parish house and in the church, reading readings and intercessory prayers.

What might have seemed unimaginable will happen soon – on Easter. The Little Sisters of Jesus, a congregation founded on the spirituality of Blessed Charles de Foucauld, Hanna, Shoshana and Elisabeth, are leaving Beer Sheba. “Nothing will be the same from now on,” Father Piotr said at mass and most of the parishioners agree with these words. “At the same time there is a great challenge for all of us - to continue to build the Kingdom of the small ones, of the weak, of the ordinary ones, the Kingdom of daily help, the Kingdom of everyday matters. In the same spirit that the Sisters were teaching us for the last forty years, the spirit of Brother Charles, we will try to implement more and more Jesus' commandment: Love one another”.

There were tears in the eyes of many, there were promises to stay in touch, but most of all there were words and prayers of thanksgiving for every good that came through the Little Sisters in the kehilla of Beer Sheba. “We were blessed by your presence and feel a bit like orphans,” said Father Piotr. “May God repay you and may His Mercy let you see the good fruits of your love here in Saint Abraham Parish”.