Daniel reports on the participation of the kids from Saint Rachel Center in a neighborhood event on Monday, March 20, 2017.

saintrachel neighborhood

Today, we took the children, who come to the Saint Rachel Center, to an activity called “Arts in the Neighborhood” in the High School for Arts, not far from our Center. We set off as three counselors (Sister Claudia, Sister Jandark and Daniel) with fifteen children. We were received with a light snack and with lots of joy. While the children waited for the beginning of the activities, they could see the exhibition that was presented in a tent in the school yard and enjoy what the children in the school had prepared.

Then we moved to a room in which we watched a music recital of one of the pupils in the school, who is her final grade and preparing her matriculation in song and will be passing her exam in just a few days. The recital was very nice indeed.

After that, the children were invited to watch a puppet show, which was delightful and it was wonderful to watch the reactions of the children from the side who were fascinated and enjoyed every minute.

Towards the end, the children were invited to a room in which there were creative activities that were linked to the puppet show and they produced wonderful objects by themselves. When the animators of the event asked the children if they had had fun the response was a hearty yes and they said they found the puppet show very amusing.

We were very happy to participate in the wonderful event and to see the children enjoying it so much. Thank you to the School for Arts and the Community Center that organized this and worked hard to present such varied activities.